The Train has Arrived

First Orange Line MAX Train at Mailwell

It’s here!

On the morning of April 12, 2015, the first Trimet MAX train rolled over the the Tillamook Branch crossing and SE Mailwell St. in Milwaukie. Today marks exactly five months until the Portland-Milwaukie light rail “Orange Line” opens, which is on September 12, 2015.

This video shows a Type II or III light rail vehicle crossing SE Mailwell St. on its own power, shot from SE Olsen St. The crossing signals will be upgraded with electronic bells later.

(Apologies for the portrait mode video as this originated from Twitter video, which doesn’t allow for proper landscape video formatting.)

Ride Notes: March 29, 2015

Bryan Dorr PDX Carpet JerseyIt’s been a while since I have been on my bicycle for a good ride. Life has just been a little busy for the past couple of months. I finally found some free time to hop onto the saddle and take the steed out for a roll in the sunshine on a Pacific Northwest fabtastic spring-like day.

There is not much for me to say about the usual and peachy 35-mile Boring trip on the Springwater Trail between Milwaukie to the east end in Boring and a burger and tots lunch at The Not So Boring Bar & Grill. I did appreciate the numerous compliments about my PDX Carpet bicycle jersey from many and I appreciate it and thank you.

Gamba for Milwaukie Mayor

I am endorsing Mark Gamba for Milwaukie mayor in the special election on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. His stance on bettering the community and environment, such as improving the downtown district, improving bicycling and walking infrastructures, and removing Kellogg Dam makes Gamba a great choice to lead Milwaukie. Gamba is already serving on the Milwaukie City Council.

Although Gamba is running unopposed, a candidate is technically running against any write-in candidates. He may replace the current interim mayor, Wilda Parks, who was appointed after mayor Jeremy Ferguson resigned in January. If Gamba becomes mayor, he will serve the remainder of the mayoral term until the end of 2018. He will leave a vacancy in the Milwaukie City Council Position 3, which expires at the end of 2016.

Council approves bike repair station

Some good news for the bicycling community in Milwaukie tonight, especially those in need to make repairs to their bicycle.

Milwaukie City Council approved 4-1 on a motion to accept a bike repair station as a gift to be installed at city hall.

The bike repair station, costing about $2,500 and funded through donations and private contributions, would be installed on a concrete pad in front of Milwaukie City Hall.

Councilor Scott Churchill voted to oppose the bike repair station, citing that it should be installed along the Trolley Trail on the opposite side of SE McLoughlin Blvd.

Other councilors have expressed vandalism concern if the station were installed along Trolley Trail.

No date has been confirmed when the bike repair station would be installed and available for public use.

I’ve already had a couple of bike breakdowns in Milwaukie where I cold have used this repair station. I snapped a chain near Wine:30 after the Trolley Trail ride back in November. I also blew a tire departing city hall on a Bike Milwaukie ride in December.

A soggy Bike Milwaukie ride


Sunday’s Bike Milwaukie was a soaker and probably the first soaker in a long time in its four-year run. Rain fell as ride leaders Matt Menely and Greg Baartz-Bowman led four other riders gathered at Milwaukie City Hall for a short bike ride. The route toured Ardenwald, Lewelling, Hector Campbell, and Historic Milwaukie neighborhoods, plus McLoughlin Industrial district.

Matt Menely announced a couple of upcoming ideas. One is the consideration of Sunday Parkway also including routes within Milwaukie city limits, which may require closing off residential streets. The other is the proposed public bike repair station at the Milwaukie City Hall kisok, which will cost about $2,500 and funded through either fundraisers or donations. These are just ideas being passed around at the moment, but ideas I’d like to see a reality.

img_150315-093147-12A few notes on today’s ride: Part of today’s route took us on SE Monroe St., which is actively involved in the city’s Monroe Street Neighborhood Greenway Concept Plan. There is the need to pave the gravel connector in Ardenwald between SE 28th Ave. and Springwater Corridor trail, which I’ve brought up countless times at various public meetings. We also found the bicycle staple rack on SE Jefferson St. in downtown Milwaukie bent.

Bike Milwaukie rides are typically on the third Sunday of the month from March to December. The next ride is scheduled for Sunday, April 19, 2015. Rides depart from Milwaukie City Hall at 9:30 a.m.